Conex is the official distributor of all brands below. Purchase of plastic pelicase suitcase and aluminum cases : Peli, Storm case, B&W, Nanuk, Zarges, Skb. We are fabricant of flight cases and reseller of flight cases accessories.

Brands distributed by conex :

Penn Elcom is one of our providers of flight cases accessories. We are we are French representatives of the brand.

Adam Hall is our second provider of flight cases accessories. You can made your purchase demands of parts immediately.

Zarges or Zargal is one of our providers of aluminium cases, of aluminium carriage and many other products. We are representing and distributing these brands for over 15 years.

Skb is our provider of aluminium cases and waterproof/shockproof protection suitcase. A large choice of products are available. If you are looking for products that are not on our store send us an email.

Peli is the world leader in the field of the shockproof protective suitcases. We are the French representative and distributor of the brand PELI.

Stormcase is the second brand sold by PELI about protective suitcases. We can provide you the entire catalog Peli or Stormcase.

Nanuk is also a Canadian provider of protective suitcases. We are representative and distributor of the brand Nanuk for the whole France.

B&W international is a German brand, provider of protective suitcases. Designed to last and accompany you in your projects. We are the French distributor of this brand.

Conex Motorsport is our brand of flight cases for motorsports. We develop flight case concepts and distribute our flight cases to several partners.

Casebuilder is a Dutch brand of flight case manufacturing. We represent the brand in France and Belgium. is our online cutting store. We sell everything you need to build the flight cases. You can have your panels, your profiles but also your protective foam cut.

Conex-online is our online store. We sell everything you need to build your flight cases. We are distributors of flight cases accessories for many professionals. You will be able to find all the suitcases, the aluminium cases and also the accessories of flight cases.

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