Need flight cases accessories, standard flight cases, suitcases type pelicase or aluminum cases?

If your are professional, you can make a demand of professional account to get 10% discount. This discount can’t be add to existing discounts already on the article.

For all the professionals out of France, you can also benefit from the payment without V.A.T. it is enough to make us the request and to communicate us your number of intracommunity V.A.T.

Also, we offer free shipping from 30€ (duty free) for all customers living in France excluding Corsica.

logo conex flight case sur mesure

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We also have a store for cutting flight case panels. You will be able to choose your material and choose your dimensions then add it to your shopping cart.

Also, you will be able to cut protective foam. You will just have to choose the density, the thickness and define your dimensions to add it to your shopping cart.

Finally, you will find all the profiles to manufacture your flight case. The advantage of this solution is that you will be able to cut your interlocking profiles directly with a 45° cut but also to choose directly the sizes necessary for the manufacture of your flight case. Enough with the unusable scraps and brain racking to create your angles.

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