Flight cases accessories

We have been a flight case accessories dealer for many years. If you are looking for the best price for a flight case, you have chosen the right company.

All flight case accessories sold on our online sales site are used to manufacture our custom flight cases. We only work with the best manufacturers of flight case parts. We privilege quality for a better duration in time.

Our flight case parts :

The profiles :

Sold in several sizes, you will find all the profiles that will allow you to build your cases: angles, junction profiles, assembly profiles… We also sell the easy case system from Adam Hall which allows you to create a flight case.

profilés aluminium de flight case conex

Metal corners :

To protect the corners of your cases, flight case corners are the ideal solution. Several models are sold on our site, corners of different sizes, different shapes (ball or flat), with or without profile passage, different colors….

Coins métallique de flight case conex

The clasps:

You will find all types of clasps to lock your flight case. We sell butterfly clasps of different sizes, frog clasps, key locks, flat hood clasps, surface clasps… visit our site conex-online.com

fermoirs papillons et de surface de flight case conex

The hinges :

The flight case hinges will allow you to create an articulation between the cover and its base. You will find recessed hinges, surface hinges, different sizes, piano hinges, hinges that can be unhinged… Large choice of models in the department.

charnière de flight case piano ou a encastrée conex

the handles :

Are you looking for handles to equip your flight cases? We sell recessed handles, handles to be fixed on the surface but also handles like trolleys with or without wheels… A large choice of handles are waiting for you on our online site.

poignées de flight case accessoire flight case conex

The panels :

Flight case panels are essential to the manufacture of your cases. Opting for real panels designed for this purpose guarantees a solid and durable flight case over time. The panels are made of plywood, plastic or composite.

panneaux de flight case accessoires de flight case

19 inches accessories :

The 19″ accessories will allow you to equip your racks. Drawers with or without keys, ventilation plates as well as a large choice of products are proposed on our online store. The 19″ format is a standard for sound and video racks.

accessoires 19 pouces accessoires flight case conex

The venting basins:

Are you looking to create vents on your flight case or adapt connectors from the neutrik range? We offer a wide range of pans to be fitted directly on the flight case or on the rack. There are also trays for marking the cases.

cuvettes de flight case accessoires de flight case conex

The foams :

To protect your sensitive products from vibrations and shocks, choose the foam adapted to your needs. Several thicknesses are available to make your cuttings or your wedges. You can call on our services for a custom-made cut.

mousses de protection pour flight case

The legs :

Equip your crates with rubber feet, or with feet that will allow your crates to be nested together. Several models of legs are available on our online store. Retractable legs, table legs, half-moon legs…

pieds plastique ou métallique pour flight case

Reinforcements :

The corner reinforcements will allow you to lock the cover profiles for a better finish but also a better maintenance of the interlocking profiles on the flight case. Several sizes are available, models of different shapes, different colors…

renforts métallique pour flight case conex

The wheels :

Are you looking for casters to equip your crates? We have a wide range of casters of different diameters but also casters to be embedded, all terrain casters, casters with brakes, fixed and much more. Visit our online store !

roulettes de flight case

Find our flight cases accessories range in our online site : www.conex-online.com

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