Need professional foam machining? We machine the foam to the shape of your products to protect.

usinage de mousse de pelicase
usinage de mousse bi-ton
usinage de mousse de flight case sur mesure

The interior design of flight cases, aluminum cases or waterproof plastic suitcases is an essential component for the security of your materials. Therefore, we pay particular attention to this phase of production.

First of all, our design team defines the relevant cushioning areas very precisely. They can also create a foam machining program to fit the shape of the product. When the customer needs protection or a particular aesthetic desired, Conex is there to accompany you in your project and this from the first part.

The shaped foam allows to maintain your equipment immobile during your movements. Your equipment is then totally secured against shocks, vibrations, falls…

The foam machining is not just about protection. It’s also about accurate storage so you can quickly browse through all your tools (or even small parts).

We work with different qualities and colors of foam in order to meet all requests: bi-colored foam, antistatic, recycled…

Our three machining centers allow us to work on very small series or much larger volumes, while going through a prototyping phase.

It is also possible to buy foam sheets of different densities on our online store. You will find thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 50 mm.

Also, we have a custom cutting site where you can get the same foams. The difference is that you can have them cut to your desired size.

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