Bell flight case

For many areas, the bell flight case will be the most suitable transport case.

Indeed, if you have for example a large speaker it will be much easier to remove the cover entirely. If you have to lift the speaker out of a flight case it will be much more difficult.

The advantage with a bell type case is that your product will remain on the base of the flight case. You can then use it without having to handle your object.

Often used in the entertainment industry for speakers, lights, mixing consoles…

Also, the bell crates can be used for very heavy objects such as motorcycle engines, cars, printers…

We can also fully foam the flight case for better shock and vibration absorption. Our design office will create the perfect foam padding for you.

We have at your disposal some models on our online store in the bell section.

However, if the dimensions do not suit you, we can manufacture your flight case to your measurements. Simply contact us by clicking on the following link:

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Our flight cases are composed of accessories of very good manufacture. You can buy the parts on our online store and make your own case.

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